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Learn how your company can reduce the cost of Worker's Compensation & lower the Experience Mod by leveraging your benefits program to include accident & disability insurance
"42% of the companies that provide voluntary accident & disability insurance report declines in their worker's comp claims - some up to 50%"
-IBS Worker's Compensation Report

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance

Learn how to increase your benefit coverage options without impacting your bottom line


You never know when a sudden accidental injury will happen, but we do know that accident insurance can help your employees offset their unexpected medical expenses not covered by their medical insurance. Benefits are paid directly, so they can be used for things like co-pays and deductibles, making accident insurance a great complement to a high deductible health plan.

The best part about this valuable coverage is that it can be entirely employee-paid, so you can offer more benefits without impacting your budget.

Budget-friendly payroll deduction. You can offer accident insurance to employees with no extra billing.


Payments are made directly to employees. Accident payments are based upon the type of covered accident, and employees can spend the money how they want.


Flexible coverage options. Employees can choose coverage for just themselves, or they can select family coverage for their spouse and children.


Guaranteed-issue coverage. Employees can get coverage without answering health questions, depending on the plan they choose.


Wellness benefit. Some plans offer a benefit for certain types of health screenings, so employees can be healthier and happier.

Did you know, the average emergency room visit costs $1,349?


Disability Insurance

Keep your employees & company focused on success rather than worry about life's "what-ifs"


Protect your bottom line & employees from the common conditions and the side-effects that come along with being disabled for a period of time. The financial strain, anxiety, and frustration that comes from not being able to work is a recipe for disaster if the proper safety net is not in place.  Now, your employees can sleep tight at night with Disability Insurance providing that needed income protection that so many employees are worry about. 

Disability Insurance

More than half of US Consumers worry they would not be able to support themselves if they became disabled -Are you employees prepared?

Improve recovery & productivity with disability income protection


When an employee is unable to work due to an illness or injury, it impacts everyone. Provide the support they need during tough times



Disability insurance gives you & your employees peace of mind providing income protection in the event they are unable to work due to a common condition, such as:


Pregnancy & childbirth


Heart attacks & strokes

Back & joint disorders

Accidents & fractures


Life Insurance

Life Insurance
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Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance
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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness
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Dental + Vision Insurance

Dental+Vision Insurance
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Dental Discount Program
(As Low As $10/month)

Dental Discount Program
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Medical Bridge

Medical Bridge
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Pet Insurance

Pet Care Discount Program (Starting at $14/month)


The #4 benefit that employees wish their employer would offer.

Now you can offer as a voluntary or contributory option & stand out from the competition

Keep your employee's favorite little furry friends healthy & happy


Members will save 25% on veterinary services such as:

  • Surgery

  • Dental care

  • Elective procedures

  • Office visits

  • Vaccinations

  • Hereditary disease care

  • Hospitalization

  • Holistic care

  • X-rays

Pet Assure also offers a free pet ID tag and 24/7 lost pet recovery service!


Access to more than 2,000 veterinary practices 


Student Loan Repayment Program

Learn how your company can address the #1 financial concern of the emerging workforce - Paying down student debt, It pays off!

Easy Enterprise Implementation


Onboard & manage student debt repayment & refi for eligible employees through a secure and reliable platform:

  • Simple & Secure setup process

  • Intuitive dashboards & analytics

  • Mobile-first user experience

  • Real-time notifications of payments

  • Scalable throughout the organization

  • Custom ROI Calculator​

Measurable Engagement & ROI - track the impact of your investment through added employee engagement and retention. Each month of added retention leads to significant cost savings from lower recruiting costs, fewer empty seats, and added productivity from more experienced employees


70% of the emerging workforce are graduating with student loan debt


86% of employees would work for you for five years if you helped pay down their student loans.

How much does it cost when an employee leaves?


It is much more expensive then most think

Get in touch with us today to access our Employee churn cost calculator & begin attracting & retaining the top talent today by addressing the biggest financial concerns of the emerging talent pool

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