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Is your home located in a high flood risk area? It may take years or even decades to build a life or a business -- only to have flood waters destroy everything in just a few days. 


Flood insurance in Florida can save you thousands of dollars in damage and accelerate recovery after flooding disasters. We’re here to help you save your valuable dollars and avoid paying steep premiums for flood insurance. Our experienced staff at Yep Insurance will review your case carefully and offer you a fair quote, all without compromising on coverage. 

Why Florida Is More Vulnerable to Flood Damage

America has had more than its fair share of flood disasters that have often resulted in lost lives, shattered homes and extensive damage. Flood waters have wiped out entire communities and forced many people to relocate and start new lives elsewhere. 

According to National Geographic, floods have cost the US economy more than 6 billion dollars in losses. Most of the severe flooding has occurred along the eastern coast in Florida and the Gulf regions, as these areas are flat and more vulnerable to hurricanes. 


Since a large part of Florida is near or at sea level, flooding is a frequent problem. Even minor floods can cause damage to those who live here. Waters rise quickly during a flood and destroy homes, businesses and livelihoods. 


Tropical storms and hurricanes can lead to dramatic surges in water levels, which in turn causes flooding in large areas very quickly. Even Category 2 hurricanes can result in water levels surging up by as much as 6 feet. A full blown hurricane can bring in twice the storm surge and cause devastating damage. For Floridians who live just a few feet above sea level, storms, hurricanes and flooding are a more common occurrence than we’d like to believe. 

If the drainage system is blocked, the flood waters can flow into other localities and cause extensive and devastating flooding. This is why homes, businesses and property in Florida need to be insured against floods. 

Why risk losing your hard-earned money or a cherished home? Contact our team at Yep Insurance and let us help protect you from massive loss!

Why You Should Consider Getting Flood Insurance

The truth is, whether you live inside or outside a flood zone, flood insurance can give you peace of mind and security. Let’s face it: No home or business property is 100% safe from potential flooding. Even one inch of water can ruin the flooring or basement and cost upward of $25,000 in repairs. Investing in reliable flood insurance coverage can mean all the difference between devastation and recovery.


Another important tidbit to be aware of is that most homeowners’ or renter’s insurance unfortunately does not cover flood damage. 


As such, you may need to invest in a flood insurance policy -- in addition to home insurance. Your home owner’s insurance may cover you for water damage due to leaks and seepage but will not cover damage caused due to floods (regardless of the source of water). In fact, you should consider taking out flood insurance even if your home does not lie in a flood risk zone. 

If you rent the home or premises, your landlord is likely to have comprehensive flood insurance in Florida. However, do remember that while this may cover damage to the building, it may not cover your items like furniture or TV and so on. You can opt to invest in items-only flood insurance if you like. 


Feel free to contact Yep Insurance for quotes and offers as well as information regarding National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Our customer service team will help you choose a policy that satisfies your unique requirement. 

Is It Enough to Get Federal Disaster Assistance?

Flooding need not always result only from natural disasters. Flooding may be caused due to breaks in infrastructure (like broken water mains), dams breaking (due to faulty infrastructure or precipitation overload) or excessive construction of flood embankments. In other words, anyone can be at risk of flooding. Seen in the light of this, it may not be surprising that 1 in every 4 flood insurance claims originate from low-flood risk areas. 


You can get the benefit of federal disaster assistance only in the event of a Presidential Disaster Declaration. Please bear in mind that most flooding events are not always accompanied by a Presidential Disaster Declaration. Also, federal assistance is provided in the form of low-interest disaster loans which must be repaid along with interest. 

Why pay off yet another loan when you can get full coverage with flood insurance? While federal disaster assistance can help you get back on the road to recovery, it’s not enough to restore your home or property back to its original state. You may not be able to get adequate contents coverage for your belongings and valuables either. 


Flood insurance does not have to be repaid and it’s a worthwhile investment to protect the life you’ve created over years and decades.

Flood Insurance Costs

Flood insurance quotes in Florida can be quite steep given that the area is highly prone to flooding disasters. Comparing insurance costs across agents can help you get an accurate idea of how much it would cost to insure your property or business. All of Florida’s low-lying, populated areas are divided into flood zones according to the risk level. 

These flood zones are very useful during emergencies to evacuate people out during hurricanes and so on. If your home falls in a high-risk flood zone, flood insurance may be quite expensive. On the other hand, flood insurance coverage can cost you as little as $350 per year if you live in a moderate to low-risk zone. 

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As trusted insurance providers, Yep Insurance offers a wide range of flood insurance policy options for both home and business owners. Our dedicated team knows that Florida is vulnerable to frequent flooding events and that protection of your business and property is paramount. Contact Yep Insurance or browse our detailed website for information on quotes, coverage limits and special offers.


If you have any doubt regarding premiums, costs and payments, drop in for a chat with our friendly staff who are ready to answer your questions. Call us today at 1-800-761-7994 for a competitive flood insurance quote for Florida-based business or home owners. 

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