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Exposure is discovered - Excessive premiums

are discovered.

We find savings - We reduce your liability.

70% of condo associations we've worked with we found were improperly insured.

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Case studies & results you can take to the bank

Reduced from $327,000 to $26,000
Reduced a New York condo association’s flood insurance premium from $327,000 down to $26,000 after discovering an incorrect elevation certificate that was causing the flood risk to be improperly rated more than 12X what it should have been
Reduced from $37,000 to $2,300
Reduced a Napa Valley winery’s flood insurance premium from $37,000 down to $2,300 by switching to a lender approved lower-cost private alternative
saved for home owners
saved for condo associations
extremely happy customers

We make every mission possible, here's how you benefit:

Save money on insurance
We've reduced premiums for condo associations by up to $100K/yr
Increase your property value
Reducing the overhead cost for insurance adds value to your community. Property managers and board members become the new super heros.
Avoid million dollar risks
We make sure you're not improperly insured and at risk, which may lead to millions of dollars in losses.
Get a REAL quote within hours

Increase the value of your condo association & save up to  35% on your insurance premiums

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