Flood Insurance For New York & New Jersey

Floods can and often do wreak havoc in our lives in several ways. Homes, businesses and properties suffer damage, businesses may experience losses and life generally comes to a standstill for a few days or even weeks. Some people move away to new cities and others suffer from financial setbacks for months and years after the event.

Flood related losses are often catastrophic in nature and potential property owners may be legally obliged to get flood insurance in order to get a mortgage in high flood risk zones. If you’re worried about flooding damage, Yep Insurance offers private flood insurance in New York and New Jersey to help you save your valuable money.


Base flood elevations are shown on flood insurance rating maps, and the difference between base elevation and the height of the structure affects insurance rates. The cost will vary according to the risk-rating for that area. 


Yep Insurance offers flood insurance policies with competitively priced annual premiums to all of our esteemed clients in NY and NJ. We offer a wide range of insurance options and contents coverage to our commercial, as well as our domestic customers -- and are committed to helping you at every step of the way.

New York & New Jersey Risk Rating and Flood Damage

With a coastline extending for more than 520 miles and thousands of waterfront properties and businesses, New York has always been a prime target for floods. Flooding is a serious problem in many parts of New York and the adjacent New Jersey as well. 


New York city has more residents living in special flood hazard areas compared to other cities. In fact, in one of the worst flooding disasters ever, the devastating Hurricane Sandy lead to massive damage to the tune of more than $19 billion. This was the time when many people started taking a real interest in flood insurance. 

Comparison of NFIP and Private Flood Insurance in New York

Do you plan to buy a home or start a business in New York or New jersey? Or do you need added protection against flood damage?

Here in high-risk zones like New York and New Jersey, flood insurance is very common and many people are mandated by federal government regulation and they need to get additional flood insurance.  We will explain how flood insurance can help you and how you can get it. 

Flood insurance covers you in the event of flooding events or disasters. It offers much more compared to a traditional home-owners’ renter’s or hazard insurance policy. Clients can choose from two different types of flood insurance:


NFIP Insurance: The National Flood Insurance Program offers policies to designated flood zones throughout the US. These policies are also issued by private insurance providers. However, the terms and conditions are set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). As long as your community participates in the program, any home or business property owner can get the NFIP insurance. A trusted insurance agent can help you get New York state flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. 


Private Insurance: Alternately, you can buy private flood insurance from reputed providers like Yep Insurance. Private flood insurance often offers better contents coverage and also covers relocating costs and living expenses. 


Other advantages of private flood insurance may include higher coverage limits compared to NFIP, replacement cost settlement on property and building losses, improved coverage for outside structures like decks (other than just the garage). Commercial flood insurance also covers business, extra expenses and includes fewer and more favourable deductibles. 


Yep Insurance provides instant flood insurance quotes for free in less than 60 seconds. We are 100% compliant with state laws and we offer contents coverage and coverage for debris removal. Clearing the debris after a flooding event is often stressful and expensive. Yep Insurance policies can protect you against debris removal costs.

Flood Damage Risks Are Real

New York is particularly prone to flooding as it’s flanked by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Lake Ontario and Eyrie on the other. Other than this, the city also receives heavy snowfall every year and when the snow melts, it causes a rise in water levels in the river and creeks. 


The NFIP offers upto $100,00 for contents coverage and upto $250,000 in flood insurance policy coverage for your home or property. Although both these covers are available together, they can also be purchased separately. This is particularly useful for renters who may wish to insure their belongings against floods. 

It doesn’t take a major flooding event to cause damage. 


Land-development run-off or a slow- moving rainstorm can flood your home or place of business. As FEMA continues to redraw maps, increasing flood insurance rates may result in a foreclosure crisis. If you plan to buy property in special flood hazard areas, the mortgage lender will most probably require you to buy flood insurance before you can get a home loan.

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New York and New Jersey are prone to heavy rains, thunderstorms, flash floods and sudden water level surges as depressions frequently develop in the Atlantic. More recently in 2018, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) revised flood zones in the New York area, re-arranging the maps for the first time in three decades. The process affected thousands of people as flood insurance costs could soar depending on the flood zone you were located in. 


New York has the 2nd highest number of flood claims in the US. When you consider realities like climate change, increasingly powerful storms and rising ocean levels, flood insurance becomes a powerful too against natural disasters. If you live in the New York or New Jersey area, investing in a good flood insurance policy is something you should seriously think about. 


In general, those people living in high risk zones may have to pay higher premiums for flood insurance. 


However, the good news is, you can buy flood insurance from private agencies and benefit from fair pricing and increased coverage limits. Our trained team is always happy to discuss flood insurance benefits and we will recommend the best policy for your unique requirements. Yep Insurance offers a range of flood policies for domestic and commercial clients.

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