Emerson Willis

Emerson Willis is the co-founder of Yep Insurance and has dedicated his career to understanding flood insurance and all the nuances that come along with it. He is dedicated to helping customers find savings and better ways to insure residential and commercial properties against the risks of flooding. He has helped American's throughout the United States save millions in premiums and is one of the major driving forces behing Yep Insurance and their dedication to serve America and rebuild the flood insurance market. With billions of excessive insurance premiums being spent every year Emerson and his team is diligently working to reach the masses to educate them that there are better alternatives for flood insurance beyond the NFIP and that there are great opportunities to become a part of this nobel movement to make America a better place. He is also an avid guitar player who has played with many professional acts and is currently the lead guitar player for an up and coming band called "Your Own Medicine" who's music can be heard and seen everywhere music can be consumed (youtube, spotify, apple music etc...)