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Emerson worked with me for 3 days and got our flood insurance from $6,000 down to $800.00!!!

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Emerson & Glenn helped us save $3,700 each year with our flood insurance premium!

Brian Covault

Great folks to work with!

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They saved me about $650 a year. Great customer service.

Mark Adam

My flood insurance used to cost $2,400 a year. I found an option through Yep Insurance that was only $1,100! I highly recommend Yep to anyone who needs flood insurance.

Christine Garcia

Professional, friendly, and efficient! I'm so glad I found them!!

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Yep insurance is the best. They are always quick to answer my questions and help assist me with my current policy. They are amazing and their excellent customer service has me moving all our insurance needs to them

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I'm a mortgage consultant in Denver and needed to find a reasonable Flood Insurance policy for a client. I was able to speak with Emerson at YEP Insurance and he provided me with exactly what I needed

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Compliant with state insurance law?

YES                  NO

Contents coverage in basement?

YES                  NO

Replacement cost on contents?

YES                  NO

Coverage available for decks and carports?

YES                  NO

Option to cover Landslide & Earthquake?

YES                  NO

Coverage up to $5,000,000?

YES                  NO

Coverage for Debris removal?

YES                  NO

Additional living expense coverage?

YES                  NO

Can get a quote without Elevation Certificate?

YES                  NO

10-day waiting period?

YES                  NO

Business Interruption coverage for commercial?

YES                  NO

Dec pages available same day as closing?

YES                  NO

Multiple building coverage under one policy?

YES                  NO

How do I know if my lender will accept your private flood insurance options?


All lenders are required to accept private flood insurance but will require a certain clause to be present in the flood insurance policy form. Every single one of our 15 different private carriers has this clause as without it the product would be completely irrelevant to the market. However, FHA loans are problematic with private flood insurance and will require additional language that will force flood insurance to be through the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program). At Yep Insurance we have long experience in also writing flood insurance through the NFIP. We advise against using an agent who's sole focus is not in flood insurance as most insurance brokers are likely to make mistakes when attempting to handle flood insurance which they do not deal with on a daily basis. We handle hundreds of flood insurance applications every week here at Yep Insurance and are ready for even the toughest cases. 

Why are your flood insurance quotes so much less than other providers?


It's very common for our lower prices to shock our first time customers. Unfortunately, most consumers are only used to seeing the rates offered through the NFIP a.k.a. the National Flood Insurance Program. This is due to the fact that most insurance professionals who are selling flood insurance do not know about the lower-cost flood insurance programs that exist beyond the NFIP. Many of these misinformed professionals also believe the NFIP is the only source on the market which is an expensive misunderstanding for you the customer. As a result more than 90% of the properties in the US are insured through the NFIP. The real question is, "Why is the NFIP so much more expensive than these private carriers?" see the answer in the next question.

Why is the NFIP so much more expensive than the Private carriers?


The NFIP is a government program that was created more than 50 years ago when the private insurance market was not yet able to confidently assess flood risk. The only way that property owners were able to get flood insurance was through the NFIP which was never intended to be a permanent solution. Many of the high-risk properties insured by the NFIP have burdened the program with losses that have resulted in more than $30B of debt. According to a recent study done by Hazard Hub and NCIP in February of 2020 the millions of lower-risk, lower-income properties have been forced to subsidize the program to sustain flood insurance coverage for extremely high-risk properties that continue to drive the program further and further into debt. The NFIP not only suffers from excessive debt but their current risk evaluation is based on outdated methods which has many negative impacts on flood insurance rating. That being said, flood risk technology has advanced significantly within the last 30 years and has provided a way for private insurers to enter the market confidently. Carriers are able to combine numerous state-of-the-art risk assessment technologies which allow them to identify properties that have a much lower risk profile while also being able to identify properties that have a high probability of flooding which they can choose to avoid insuring. This ultimately allows them to offer much lower insurance premiums with the ability to be profitable. Your next question might be..."I like the pricing but how do I know if these private flood insurance carriers will be there for me if I actually do have a flood loss? We'll answer that next...

How do I know if these private flood insurance carriers will be there for me if I actually do have a flood loss?


We love to hear this question as it shows that you really do value the purpose of the flood insurance which is most important to us as insurance professionals. All of our carriers are backed by some of the largest insurance markets in the world, such as LLoyds of London and many others. Lloyds of London is pretty much the granddaddy of insurance as they insured the Titanic and have been in business for more than 320 Years. In order for a carrier to be able to be there for you during a flood you need to know that they are financially strong which we are proud to say all of our carriers are A rated and take your protection serious. We've witnessed our carriers perform through some of the worst flood events such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and they performed well above our expectations. Even after all those storms, our clients and their carriers are standing tall. Dealing with a flood loss is bad enough. The last thing you want to be dealing with are the nightmares of working with the government. Private carriers deliver that high-touch quality of service you expect and it shows when it comes to the their claims processes.

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