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Residential Flood Insurance

Residential Flood Insurance

A single-point of access to more flood insurance carriers than anywhere online guarantees our customers the best coverage at the best pricing. Discover flood insurance done right.

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Commercial Flood Insurance

Commercial Flood Insurance

Getting commercial flood insurance wrong can cost property owners thousands in excessive premiums and leave catastrophic gaps in coverage. Discover how Yep Insurance is a game changer.

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Private Flood Clearinghouse

Elevation Certificates

You may be able to get a free Elevation Certificate through Public Records here. Allthough you may not need an Elevation Certificate to qualify for some of our private low-cost flood insurance carriers it can reduce the cost of flood insurance for an NFIP policy.

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Floodplain Removal

Floodplain Removal

Do you believe your property should not be required to carry flood insurance? You may be right and our certified professionals can help you remove the mandatory flood insurance purchase requirement. We have a 100% money-back guarantee program.

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Flood Zone Determinations

Flood Zone Determinations

A wrong flood zone determination can have an extremely negative impact on flood insurance premiums and potentially misguide property owners to be unaware of probable financial losses from flooding. Whether you need just one or you need thousands get accurate determinations from a trusted certified leader.

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Private Flood Clearinghouse

Private Flood Clearinghouse

This unique service built for lenders will review, certify, and guarantee whether or not a private flood insurance policy is compliant with all the regulatory guidelines imposed upon lenders that require the acceptance ofprivate flood insurance policies. We stand by our service and will shoulder any regulatory fines related errors.

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"We called everywhere and the NFIP quotes we were getting ranged from $6K to $8K. We were losing all our hope until we found Yep Insurance who found us a private flood alternative for only $800 per year! They saved us more than $5K a year!"

Michelle Ford Walls, Georgia

The best in flood insurance

“I'm a real estate broker and investor in Houston Texas. Yep Insurance has saved me at least $20K in flood insurance premiums and helped my clients save even more. They are the best in flood insurance.”

Jean Shabot, Texas

RCBAP work at its best

“I'm a property manager for a large condo association in Sacramento and needed to get a flood insurance quote. Yep took the time to fly out and present a quote that was $70K less and taught the entire board about private flood insurance. We were blown away!"

Adrianna Nand, California

Exactly what I needed

“I'm a mortgage consultant in Denver and needed to find an affordable flood insurance policy for a client. I found Yep Insurance and they provided me with exactly what my client needed to close on their loan. Highly recommended.”

Matthew Harris, Colorado

I'll take that to the bank

“I was about to pay $3,532 a year for flood insurance on one of my investment properties and Yep came through with a private quote for only $472. Between me and all my real estate investor friends we've saved well over $20K on flood insurance. I'll take that to the bank every year.”

Jared Gist, Texas

Genuinely care and want to help

“After my FEMA flood insurance plan had a large increase I decided to do some research and found Yep Insurance. My flood insurance was literally cut in half. They genuinely care and want to help. I recommend using Yep Insurance for all your flood insurance needs.”

Danielle Hulahan, New Jersey

You have questions, we have answers.

Be careful where you look for answers out there, the insurance industry is tangled in flood insurance myths.

Is all flood insurance through FEMA?

No, this is one of the most costly and common myths about flood insurance that couldn't be further from the truth. We are told that flood insurance is the same no matter which agent or company you buy it through because it's all through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) administered by FEMA when in fact there are more than a dozen private flood insurance carriers with completely different underwriting and pricing models. Some of these carriers are directly accessible to the public and some require a broker to access. Yep Insurance provides a single access point to all of them.

What is the National Flood Insurance Program?

Regular hazard insurance does not cover flooding. In order to insure a property against floods that come from hurricanes, tropical storms, heavy rains and many other events it is critical to buy flood insurance as a means of financial protection. Before the 1990's private insurance carriers did not want to insure against flooding due to the lack of technology and understanding of the financially devestating peril. For that reason, in 1968, Congress created the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to provide financial protection to homeowners, renters, and business owners. The NFIP is overseen by FEMA and has more than 50 private insurance companies often referred to as WYO's or Write Your Own's. These companies market NFIP flood insurance through the vast nationwide network of independant insurance agencies utltimately reaching virtually all property owners and renters. FEMA determines the rates which are the same for all WYO's. Do not confuse the WYO's who sell the NFIP with private flood insurance carriers who re-entered the market close to the 1990's after signifcant flood modeling technology advancements.

How much does flood insurance cost in Zone A?

The cost of flood insurance for properties located in higher-risk flood zones such as Zone "A" or Zone "V" can vary in price by thousands of dollars which depends on numerous factors. You will see many other sites quoting the average cost for flood insurance at around $700 per year but this information is useless and far too broad to be valuable. To calculate a more accurate estimate our proprietary software uses key information such as: The location, the flood zone, the type of property, the claim history, the type of foundation, the year built, square footage, coverage amount needed for the structure and personal contents, and desired deductibles. With this information the algorithms can evaluate which carriers may have an appetite for the risk and estimate the premiums accordingly. Once the carrier appetite and estimates are in one of our trained specialists can work with the carrier's underwriters to negotiate and confirm the pricing so it can be released for purchase. If you need an exact quote, give our proprietary quoting engine a go and see what our clients are all raving about.

Is private flood insurance more expensive?

No, typically private flood insurance costs significantly less expensive than flood insurance through the NFIP. The NFIP is often double or even triple the cost and offers less extensive coverage options than the private market. There are certain acceptions for grandfathered NFIP policies. If a property is located in an "X" zone the NFIP is very inexpensive but the limitations in coverages compared to private carriers can make it much less desirable. Property owners who voluntarily purchase flood insurance in an "X" zone don't usually realize the gaps in coverage between an NFIP or private flood policy.

What is private flood insurance?

The private flood insurance market provides consumers access to a variety of non-NFIP flood insurance alternatives. Private flood insurance almost always costs less, and offers more extensive coverage options. The insurers that back private flood insurance have been around for hundreds of years. Entities such as Munich Re, Swiss Re, Lloyds and many other insurance giants are behind much of the private flood insurance market. Each carrier uses thier own independent underwriting rules and risk models to determine pricing and acceptance. Some carriers have higher pricing and are more tolerant of higher-risk factors while others might offer lower pricing but are less tolerant of higher-risks. Private carriers are able to leverage the use of highly developed risk technology platforms which allows them to offer customers lower pricing. Backed by the some of the strongest financial institutions these carriers have no trouble paying for claims on even the most catastrophic flooding events. Customers of private flood insurance also enjoy a smoother claims process avoiding all the red tape that comes with an NFIP government flood policy.

What is the most expensive flood zone?

If flood zones where the only thing that were used to determine the cost of flood insurance, then it would be easy to say that the "V" zone is the most expensive because properties located in the "V" zone are close to ocean water which can experience high-velocity winds from hurricanes or tropical storms which can bring in storm surges as far as 10 miles in and over 10ft tall. Everyone has seen events on the news like Hurrican Harvey or Hurrican Irma, where entire cities are inundated and destroyed beneath the water. However, just because a property is in a "V" zone does not mean it will be the most expensive for a few reasons. If the property is elevated it can significantly bring down the cost of flood insurance. Not all coastal areas have the same type of storm surge and the private carries often identify this and it is reflected in the premium. Some "V" Zone properties have taken mitigation steps which insurance carriers take into consideration. The elevation of the property in "V" Zones can vary which also impacts the cost. Ultimately, the highest risk properties usually have the most expensive insurance.

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