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How much is homeowners insurance?

The average cost of homeowners coverage can vary quite a bit. Every insurance company has its own underwriting guidelines and appetite for risk tolerance.

For that reason, the pricing from one insurance company to another can easily range by thousands of dollars. However, it is very common for an insurer to offer big discounts when you combine it with your auto insurance.

How much does homeowners insurance usually cost?
How much does homeowners insurance cost?

Some insurers will choose not to cover homeowners who have had too many past claims to avoid more exposures to big losses. There isn't a homeowners policy that is a one-size-fits-all.

The types of coverages and limits that are on an actual policy will have an impact on what an insurer will charge for covered losses.

What is homeowner's insurance?

Homeowner's insurance can be a lifesaver when it comes to unforeseen accidents and disasters. Buying the right kind of homeowner's insurance policy is a critical step in protecting what matters most.

Homeowners insurance provides a shield against many different types of losses which might occur on personal homes such as loss by fire, hail storm, theft (burglary), vandalism, water leakages among others while also providing coverage for injuries suffered when in or near the home.

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Why do I need home insurance?

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Who should carry home insurance?

The smartest financial advisors in the world will tell you that if you have valuable assets, it's important to protect them with insurance. Anyone who owns a home or who is about to purchase a home needs to buy home insurance.

Homeowners insurance allows homeowners an affordable way of transferring their risks over to a company they trust instead of being self-insured. To make it more affordable many companies offer big discounts when you add your auto insurance to your plan. Having your home and auto with one company will make things so much easier to manage and provide the opportunity for maximized savings.

Not having the proper insurance has forced people to lose entire fortunes from lawsuits that arise from unseen accidents. The legal fees alone can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. The more things we own of value, the more risk there is for us as individuals to lose. Legal fees from a lawsuit can be devastating.

Even if you are not required to buy a homeowners insurance policy because you do not have a loan it is strongly advised that you protect such a valuable asset with the proper type of homeowners insurance.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

The best way to see how much coverage your insurance will provide is to review your policy documents provided by your insurance company. Some of the most common items that are covered by a homeowners insurance policy are:

  • Property Damage
  • Personal Property
  • Jewelry
  • Personal Property
  • Medical Bills
  • Additional Expenses
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What is property damage coverage?

There are many different types of events that can cause damage to a home and most of them are covered by the standard homeowners insurance policies. Damage from fire, wind, hail and water are the most common. Most insurance companies will provide an estimated replacement cost for your house to determine the proper coverages. You will also want to make sure to consider any detached structures in your insurance policy.

It is important to work with an experienced insurance agent who will be able to help you understand the different kinds of coverage options available to tailor the right kind of property insurance to meet your specific needs.

protect your house
Protect your house and the things that matter most
It is also important to understand which risks are not covered on your insurance policy. You may have other structures beyond your house like a shed or detached garage. Other structures are often underinsured or not considered. Many claims are denied because the type of peril is specifically excluded.

Does homeowners insurance cover flood damage?

Many companies like State Farm, GEICO, or Progressive do not cover flood damage from surface waters or hurricanes. They will offer options for accidental discharge but that is different than damage from surface waters. Flood risk is one of those perils that most companies will exclude and a separate policy will be required.

Companies like State Farm will often work with affiliated companies or business partners to refer their client's needs for flood protection. That being said it is also a common misunderstanding that dwelling coverage against flooding is only available through the NFIP (government program). There are a large variety of financial products available for flood risks.

flood insurance is often overlooked
Flood insurance is often overlooked

What is personal property insurance coverage?

Your valuable personal property can easily be damaged or lost due to theft and having the right kind of personal property coverage on your home insurance policy will be the key to protecting you from being out of luck when and if this happens to you. When you think of your most valuable items wouldn't you like to know they are included on a covered loss? Do you have musical instruments or other special personal items that you would want to be covered on a claim?

We strongly advise our clients to do an up-to-date complete inventory of all their valuable personal property and personal belongings to make sure that enough coverage is in place to replace them in the event of a loss. If you have antiques or special collector's items you also may want to ask your agent if those can be scheduled separately as there is often a limit on what can be paid on certain types of items.
insurance coverage for musical instruments
Insurance coverage for musical instruments

Another factor that plays a big role in your personal content is the type of coverage being offered. ACV or Actual Cash Value coverage will only pay out what the item is worth at the time of loss whereas RCV or Replacement Cost Value will pay out what it cost to replace the item.

What is replacement cost coverage on homeowners insurance policies?

Replacement cost coverage will provide more financial protection against loss on your personal belongings with higher limits but will add extra costs to your coverages. Some insurance companies do not offer replacement cost coverage.

What are homeowners insurance deductibles?

What your deductibles are and what type of coverage you have will have an impact on how much your carrier pays out on a claim. Speak with an agent about your options in advance so you don't end up on the short end of a bad loss.

Jewelry coverage

Many home insurance policies will provide some limited coverage for jewelry but for homeowners who have expensive jewelry, it will be important to have an appraisal for each item and have them scheduled separately.

There are specific policies that will cover special items such as engagement rings, wedding rings, watches, necklaces, and many more of the wonderful shiny things we love to collect.  

Unfortunately, these highly desirable items are often the target of many burglaries and if they are not properly insured, you won't be able to recover what they are truly worth once they are lost.

Take special care when shopping for your home insurance to communicate with your insurance agent about any special valuables that you will want to protect.

Personal liability coverage

Personal liability coverage is a great way to protect yourself from lawsuits that could arise from bodily injury or property damage that occurs from an accident on your property.

Many people don't realize they will be held responsible for these types of events which can result in extremely expensive lawsuits. Tailoring the right amount of liability coverage to provide more financial protection will help meet your true insurance needs.

If a homeowner has enough assets it would also be wise to consider getting an umbrella policy that would protect their finances and assets above and beyond the personal liability limits. All it takes is a BBQ or home party gone wrong where someone slips and falls, and the next thing that happens is a devastating drawn-out lawsuit.

Medical Payments for Homeowners Coverage

If a visitor slips on your front steps because of ice or a slippery surface from rain and gets injured you will want medical payments coverage. If you live in an area where it snows, even failing to shovel your driveway or clean your walkway could end up in a lawsuit requiring you to pay for the incurred costs to care for the visitor.

Instead of breaking out the savings your medical coverage on your home insurance policy can take care of this expense in the event that something like this happens. This coverage will usually pay for the person's deductible on their medical plan and that is why you will see the coverage aligns with deductible amounts. If they medical coverage it could personal liability claim which require a much larger payout.

Additional living expenses coverage

When a house burns down and becomes inhabitable that will force the homeowner to find a temporary living solution. Not everyone has a friend or family member they can, or want to, move in with during this time it takes to repair the home.

Depending on how long it takes to fix the home it can cost thousands of dollars to stay in a hotel and can be a difficult financial burden for many. Many home insurance policies provide an extra layer of coverage to cover these types of expenses.

What do homeowners insurance policies not cover?

  • Earthquakes
  • Flooding due to ground surface waters
  • Auto

Why are Earthquakes not typically covered on a homeowners insurance quote?

Earthquakes are most often an excluded coverage from most homeowners insurance policies. This type of risk will require a different type of insurance policy that is specific to Earthquakes.

Why is Flooding not covered on a homeowners insurance quote?

Flood insurance is a unique risk and requires a different kind of underwriting than a standard homeowners insurance policy. Most carriers have chosen to leave the flood risk to an insurance company that solely focuses on that type of risk.

Many homeowners will end up buying a policy through the standard NFIP or FEMA because most insurance agents believe this is the only option. With more than 18 different private flood carriers, Yep Insurance offers one of the market's best platforms to shop for flood insurance. We offer high coverage amounts and many of our carriers do not require elevation certificates when the NFIP does.

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Multipolicy Discount

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Home Security Systems

Save even more money on home insurance discounts when you have a home security system. A way to increase the safety of your home, and also save some extra cash? Alarm systems are a must-have for any homeowner.

And even better: Many security companies are competing with each other for your business so they will offer huge discounts on their services. It may seem like all things considered, investing in these types of coverages doesn't just pay off once but again and again.

Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

Home insurance companies love when people have the type of prepared mindset that can save lives and save a property from burning down. Having a smoke detector paired with a home smart system and fire extinguishers is a great way to save you and your loved one's life and possibly a bunch of money on discounts.

How to make a claim?

The quickest way to get your claims process started is to call your agent or insurer directly. Many insurance companies like State Farm will payout on a claim fairly quickly once the damages are assessed.

Is State Farm the best company?

That may seem like a silly question, but considering that more than 10% of the country chooses State Farm it is often believed that State Farm is one of the best. Although they are a great insurer there is no one-size-fits-all.

State Farm's marketing and customer service has successfully convinced many people to put on their blinders onbut with hundreds of options out there, it would be misleading to say that any one insurer is the perfect fit for anyone. It all really depends on the type of insurance policy that will specifically meet your needs.

Setting up your home insurance policy

The best way to get set up with a great homeowners insurance policy is to start by filling out a quick home insurance quote request. Home insurance is a bit more complicated and requires some attention when it comes to filling out the application. The better the information you give us the better a job our agents can do for you when comes to getting a quote. Start saving big and get started on your personal quote below.

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